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Enna Kim [fongkikid] is an interdisciplinary artist, designer and researcher based in Toronto, Canada. Enna explores the dimensions between her hyphenated Korean-Canadian identity through animation, projection mapping, textiles, performance art and movement. Her practice is an ongoing process of reconceptualizing the term diaspora and using technology as a way to decrypt it, sharing personal stories of her immigrant family as a way of healing and retracing their cultural identities. 

She has painted outdoor murals for The Patch Project, StreetARToronto, and international festivals like Burning Man. Enna has exhibited work for artist-run centres and galleries such as Trinity Square Video, InterAccess Gallery, OCAD University and Xpace Cultural Centre. Enna is currently pursuing her master's degree at York University.

BigArtTO-Ward 11 Enna Kim Interview

Video and Interview by Vladimir Kanic

October 2020